Adrianne Nelson

700 RYT*Anusara Elements
Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Yoga Inspires Creativity of Inner Awareness to Expand with Diligent Practice

Hi, I love yoga in the way it helps me understand the world I live in through philosophy, anatomy and deeper connections to life.

Why else?

I have been practicing yoga for over a decade and teaching it since 2014 in a behavioral hospital, yoga studios, addiction and trauma recovery centers, as well as the Krishna temple. The information I have gained from my teachings and studies, as of late, have revealed ties to crazy deep, yet simple concepts:
-Sat Chit Ananda
-True Nature of Unity
-What it means to be comfortable in being me, this is daily.

I graduated with my undergraduate in exercise science in 2017 from Utah Valley University so I could better understand the body I live in. But, what I also discovered was a deeper relationship with my Self and the different faucets of yoga.

Get in touch with your essence of how amazing you already are.

Wanna Learn More?

Contact me and let’s geek out on yoga, it is so much more than being flexible or even calm.
This practice has potential to become open and conscious about feeling connected to something bigger.

I specialize in:
•Gross body anatomy
•Subtle Body anatomy
-Yoga philosophy
-Psychosomatic health and well-being, trauma survival practices.

Individualized privates designed to meet Your Needs are based on a sliding scale of $40-$150/hour.

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